We believe that social and environmental responsibility should be a cornerstone of every organization, and we strive to reflect these values of sustainability in all aspects of our farm.




Located in Richmond, our greens are grown right in the city and delivered to restaurants and retail stores within 10km of our farm.

Sky Harvest specializes in converting under-utilized urban space into vibrant and productive environments.

Our work transforms the urban landscape, improves access to healthy produce and provides a place of community, education and work for local residents.


Organically Grown

We believe that eating organic food is good for your health and good for our planet.

Located just 8km from downtown, Sky Harvest became Canada’s first Certified Organic, truly urban farm in July 2015.

Adhering to strict organic standards, our greens are grown using organic seeds and without the addition of any pesticides or fertilizers.


Water and Energy

We strive to reduce our ecological footprint by reducing our water and energy consumption whenever possible.

Our greens are watered in individual trays by hand, thereby reducing wastage due to evaporation, spillage or rogue timers.

Because we grow indoors rather than in a greenhouse, we do not require additional heating during winter months. Individual lights are fitted to the exact wattage and size as required by different crops, reducing energy consumption for lighting.


Fossil Fuels and Waste

All of our greens are delivered by bike, right to our clients’ kitchens, greatly reducing our fossil fuel dependency and greenhouse gas emissions.

To reduce food waste, we have partnered with Quest Food Exchange, where we donate extra product to help reduce hunger in our community.


We are proud to only use packaging made from 100% recycled plastics to ensure our consumption footprint is reduced.