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Salad Boost Cropped

Sexy Salad Boost

Available for retail purchase!

A micro blend of our three radishes, kale and arugula, Salad Boost is a flavourful and colourful compilation. This diverse blend is the perfect micro mix with a hint of spice! Give your dishes a boost both visually and gastronomically.

Spicy Flare (3) cropped

Spicy Flare

Available for retail purchase!

A blend of spicy mustard and purple cabbage, this hot blend adds that extra kick that you’ve been looking for. Lend a little flare to any dish – it will knock your socks off!

Radish Blend Cropped

Radical Radish

Available for retail purchase!

We grow three radish varieties: White Daikon, Red Daikon, and Triton. This blend mixes all three varieties into a colourful display with bold peppery flavour. Micro radish have an iconic spicy punch with sweet, nutty undertones and a little crunch!

Mild Greens

Sunflower Shoots

Available through SPUD.ca!

Juicy and crisp, sunflower shoots have a sweet, nutty flavour and a dense texture. A chef favourite, these greens are seriously good, ideal for adding a little crunch!


A staple of our mild microgreens, micro kale is a tender and mild complement to a range of flavours. Micro kale has a sweet flavour and a bright green leaf. Bursting with nutrients, kale is a tasty addition to many dishes.

Pea Shoots + Pea Tops

Fresh and crisp with a mild flavour, pea greens are the quintessential microgreen. They are mildly flavoured with a tender crunch and a bright, playful look. The shoots are longer for a fuller green, while pea tops are cut shorter for a more delicate look and feel.

Purple Cabbage

This cabbage variety is colourful, crisp and has a fresh, sweet cabbage flavour. This tender green is packed with nutrients and will add depth to any dish.

Spicy Greens

White Daikon Radish

Lending dishes a spicy punch with sweet, nutty undertones is a micro radish specialty. The White Daikon variety boasts slightly larger leaves with a white stem and a spicy kick, available individually or in the radish blend.

Red Daikon Radish

One of our three radish varieties, micro radishes have a bold peppery flavour and are available individually or in a blend. That same bold radish flavour alongside the dark purple of this variety is particularly appealing.

Ruby Stem Radish

Ruby Stem Radish has that same peppery flavour, with a unique bright pink stem and green leaves. Available individually or as part of the blend, this sweet but spicy green is a chef favourite.


Nasturtium leaves have a spicy flavour with peppery undertones. These leaves, slightly larger than the average microgreen, are a perfect focal point, adding depth to a dish.

Oriental Mustard

With an iconic horseradish flavour, micro mustard is a classic spicy and succulent microgreen. More delicate than mature mustard, micro mustard has one of the most complex microgreen flavours. If you’re looking for a spicy kick, you’ve found it!


A staple of the spicy microgreens, micro arugula has a spicy and nutty flavour more intense than full-grown types. A little arugula is perfect for adding kick to any dish.


Sky Hearts

This unique varietal of sorrel has a beautiful red veined leaves with citrus undertone with leaves that are more robust compares to our green sorrel.

Emily Basil

A member of the mint family, basil is an aromatic herb with a bright and pungent flavour. This Genovese type has delicate leaves and a more intense flavour than full-grown basil.


A relative of rhubarb, micro sorrel has the same tangy lemon flavour of mature sorrel without the bitter undertones. The citrus of micro sorrel makes it one of the most refreshing and flavourful microgreens.

Lemon Balm

With heavily lemon-scented leaves, Lemon Balm is robust and delicious green is a hit with desserts or at the bar in a premium cocktail.


A popular Mediterranean herb, cilantro has a fragrant flavour that is reminiscent of citrus peel and sage. More delicate and subtle than full-grown cilantro, micro cilantro is a fresh and summery addition to many dishes.

Licorice Mint

With heavily licorice-scented leaves, Licorice Mint has been used medicinally for generations. This robust and delicious green is a hit with desserts or at the bar in a premium cocktail.