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Microgreen Health Benefits

Microgreens are an incredibly dense source of a range of nutrients, especially when compared with their full-grown counterparts.

A recent study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that some microgreens contain up to forty times the amount of certain vital nutrients of equivalent full-grown crops.

The most nutritious crops they discovered were Purple Cabbage, Cilantro, Daikon Radish and Garnet Amaranth, three of which are grown at Sky Harvest.

The bottom line is: eating your greens is important for staying healthy! netentplay

Microgreen Health Benefits

Purple cabbage, cilantro and daikon radish have some of the highest concentrations of ascorbic acids (antioxidants), carotenoids, phylloquinone (Vitamin K1), and tocopherols (Vitamin E family).https://franks.com.mt/product-category/brands/golden-rose/
These nutrients are beneficial for:

  • The maintenance of healthy skin and eyes
  • Bone protein development and liver health
  • Decreasing risk of disease, particularly of the eye
  • Fighting cancer

To find out more, summaries of the study can be found through WebMD.com and through NutritionFacts.org, or read the original study here.