Safety is a top priority at Sky Harvest

Even before Covid-19, safety was at the forefront of all our farming activities. We take hygiene extremely seriously to ensure all of our microgreens are safe and contaminate free. Our customer’s health has always been a top priority. 

Given the pandemic, our safety measures have been amplified: 

  1. All surfaces are sanitized with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Daily clean of all high touch surfaces.
  3. Masks and hairnets are worn upon entering the farm.
  4. Very diligent hand washing.
  5. Sanitizer stations around the farm.
  6. Staggered start and end times.
  7. Limited staff on-site at any given time.
  8. Barriers between each harvest station.
  9. Screening checklist before entering daily.

In addition, we have put measures in place to reduce the interaction between our farmers and customers buying directly from the farm. Please ring the bell upon arriving at the farm and we will bring your greens out to you. 

Thank you for being patient with us as we all navigate these uncertain times! 

Happy eating 🙂 

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