Important Updates from the Farm

Our website is currently undergoing renovation and orders cannot be placed on the website. Thanks for you understanding!

You can order our microgreens by emailing us at and we will contact you with more details. Thanks for your interest in ordering from us!

You can also buy our microgreens products from one of our partnered retail stores including Choices Market (Yaletown, Cambie, Kitslano, Kerrisdale, etc.), Greens, Spud, and more.

Getting Your Hands On Our 

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Important Information From The Farm


**We do not have a storefront on-site at the farm and cannot accommodate people stopping by without a confirmed order # from an online purchase**

You can choose to pick up your microgreens from the farm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday or have your greens delivered by our bike carrier. Please note that due to Covid-19, our delivery zone has been reduced. For an updated map of our bike delivery, please go HERE

Our microgreens are also available for delivery or in-store pickup across Metro Vancouver through a variety of partners – HERE

Deliveries take place Wednesday and Friday afternoons between 1-4:30pm

Our greens are pedal powered (delivered by people on bikes!)

Delivery Fees 

Minimum Order $30
Order $30-59 = $5 delivery fee. Orders $60+ qualify for free shipping
Curbside Pickup(Wednesday-Sunday 10-3pm) 2540 Simpson Rd = FREE

We must leave your greens at your front door and we will not be interacting with you personally. Please leave a clear sign of where you would like your greens placed by our delivery rider and keep in mind they should be put in the fridge right away.


Available from our farm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 10 – 3pm.  When you arrive at the farm, please ring the bell and we will bring your greens outside to you. 

Our microgreens are also available for delivery or in-store pickup through a variety of partners – HERE

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